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NLP: Where to Learn About it in the GTA

Radha Subramaniam
How would you feel if you are given an opportunity to go back in time, edit few situations and delete some instances from your past that were unpleasant? If you could program your brain like software and call the shots? It is a hypothetical question, but just imagine and the possibilities are endless. How much control do we have on our mind and how can we influence ourselves to behave and react to situations in a positive manner and achieve excellence in everything we pursue?

Neuro Linguistic Programming is a skilful method to study what goes on inside our mind. It explains the powerful connection between our mind, language and behaviour. Our only contact with reality when we enter the world is our senses. We store what we experience (Map) through our senses, but as we grow society, family and our own experiences not only distort this reality but also influence and restrict the way we think. We start to rely, believe and depend on others to guide us rather than believing in ourselves or our sense of reality. A person’s map determines how one communicates and reacts to different situations. NLP helps to understand one’s map and expand on it to increase awareness and growth. It equips every individual with more choices and the tools and skills required to excel, discover one’s true self, identity and purpose. NLP heightens our senses by means of sensory acuity exercises, and using both the right and left hemispheres of the brain effectively.

nlp Some techniques used in NLP:
  • Opening all the sensory channels - observe, feel and record any minute changes to your body to increase self-awareness.
  • Using anchors and tapping into your subconscious mind- improves memory and identifies hidden potentials.
  • Knowing your current state and visualizing your desired state. Chalking strategies to move from the current to the desired.
  • Making bad thoughts, fears fade away and replacing them with good thoughts and memories (especially good for people with phobias and habit disorders).
  • Dropping assumptions and heavy expectations (both self and others).
  • Association and dissociation from problems or issues to get different perspectives.
  • Creating affirmations and strong intentions to build positive attitude.
brain NLP is very helpful to
  • Build communication network and strengthen relationships
  • Improve confidence, overall mood and emotional balance
  • Change negative beliefs into positive ones “I hate getting up in the mornings!" - “I am looking forward to a brand new day!” through affirmations.
  • Getting rid of addictions, phobias, depression, allergies, learning disorders, procrastination and irresponsibility and so on.
NLP was first introduced in the 1970’s by Richard Bandler and John Grinder. However it is only during the past two decades that it has gained immense popularity all over the world, including Canada. Today NLP is a part of in-service training programmes for many corporates and varied professional groups including sportspersons, teachers, social workers, probation officers, doctors and psychotherapists.

NLP training is through learning-by-doing approach. Foundation courses are offered on individual or group basis. The exercises are fun and casual but the results can be surprisingly uncanny. Each and every minute detail of your communication like change in volume, pitch or tone bears significance to the way you think or feel. The choice of words you use speaks volumes about your self-confidence and perceptions. If you lack motivation choose a friend or partner and attend an introductory session to get a feel of the course. The techniques and tools used in NLP can be mastered quickly and are harmless but practicing them regularly is important. There are quite a few centres in Toronto and the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) that conduct foundation and practitioner courses on a regular basis.

question NLP Canada conducts foundation courses for individuals. The classes in Toronto are expensive ($225 to $450 for 2-3 hours session) but, they have a free phone consultation too. They have certified instructors who help to identify and overcome hurdles and challenges, build leadership qualities and enhance soft skills in individuals. For a detailed list of their workshops and training schedules click here. They also offer Practitioner and Master Practitioner training for those interested in a career in NLP.

Transformational Pathways Incorporated is another well-known institute that offers an individualized personal development plan to improve relationships, achieve professional excellence and build physical, mental and emotional strength. For a schedule of their NLP workshops and trainings visit their website. Their office is in Newmarket, however, they have classes in other parts of the GTA (Vaughan, Toronto).

Innergize is a recognized member of the Canadian Association of NLP and organizes breakthrough training workshops in Toronto for professionals from all streams. They do one on one session for five to seven hours. The training focuses on career, relationships, habits, health and removing choke points or road blocks to increase your potential.

NLP Centres, Canada conducts low cost introductory sessions to NLP and also has free NLP evening classes every 2nd Wednesday from 7:00pm to 9:30pm in Etobicoke. You can get answers to all questions related to NLP and also learn a process, technique, or a behaviour change model to re-programme your brain for an effortless, easy and enjoyable life. If you want to attend the free course, you need to register in advance as seats are limited. 
Radha Subramaniam January 24, 2016

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