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All our services are 100% free
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Be available 24/7
30% of VisitDoctor.ca appointments are booked after-hours
Create a professional profile on the web
4x more patients choose doctors that have informative profiles
Fill appointment gaps in the day
Refill last-minute openings in your appointment timetable due to cancellations and reschedules
Capture more feedback
The average rating of a doctor after one year on VisitDoctor.ca is 90 out of 100
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VisitDoctor.ca enhances your online presence with moderated reviews by your patients

How does it work?

VisitDoctor.ca is an online healthcare portal which is intended to strengthen the connection between doctors and their patients in Canada. Patients gain access to a database of 50,000 doctors and healthcare providers from all different specialities. This search engine allows you find a healthcare provider based on location preference, view their profile and provide your feedback.

What does it do for the healthcare provider?

  • Increase your patient base and grow your business as potential patients search through the VisitDoctor.ca Database.
  • Keep your existing patients satisfied by providing them a new way to book an appointment.
  • Your happy patients will recommend you to their family and friends.
  • VisitDoctor.ca allows you to fill empty slots caused by last minute cancellations and reschedules.
  • All our services are 100% free. NO hidden costs.

Online Booking System

In this day as people find themselves increasingly pressed for time, they are looking for more convenient and efficient ways to access essential services. People are able to book everything online: from concert tickets to hotel and restaurant reservations. This has led to a growing demand for the ability to book an appointment online with their healthcare provider.

Healthcare providers that currently offer booking appointments online see an increased potential to attract plenty of new customers and promote return visits of their existing patients.
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