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The Future of Regenerative Medicine in Ontario
In January 2016, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that $20 million from the Advanced Manufacturing Fund will be given to the Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine (CCRM).

Monique Zizzo March 27, 2017
Healthy Diets in Edmonton
Finding a healthy diet plan can be difficult. Many people succumb to fads that promise a rapid result if followed religiously. People can even have cheat days on them. But eating well consistently takes effort.

Justine Klettke March 27, 2017
Tinnitus Treatment in Edmonton
When someone is experiencing ringing in their ears, it can be a subtle yet pervasive annoyance. No one likes to sit down for some quiet time and hear noise...

Justine Klettke March 23, 2017
Treating Crohn’s Disease in Edmonton
Sometimes people have crippling stomach pain that renders them nearly motionless. This is Crohn’s Disease, a stomach disorder that leaves patients feeling rather disheartened about participating in life.

Justine Klettke March 18, 2017
Medical Tests New Immigrants to Canada Should Be Aware Of
Moving to a new country can be a long and arduous ordeal; application processes, background checks, and medical tests can put a damper on eager individuals, but this isn’t without justification when deciding on Canada as being your new home.

Haadi Hafeez March 11, 2017
Let’s Talk About Depression Treatment in Edmonton
It can be difficult for anyone to admit when they are slipping in life. In a performance orientated culture, people tend to view less productivity as attributed to personal laziness.

Justine Klettke March 06, 2017
Sexual Health at Western University
I am currently taking Western University's Human Sexuality course (Psychology 2075), and it has taught me a lot about the positive and negative implications of sex...

Monique Zizzo February 24, 2017
The Importance of Sleep
We’ve all been in the situation where it’s getting late and it becomes exceedingly difficult to stay focused and keep our eyes open, but we want to stay up and finish just one more episode of our latest binge-watching session, or complete just one more important task, but alas our bodies refuse to allow us to stay conscious indefinitely requiring use to crawl into bed for some necessary shut-eye.

Haadi Hafeez February 24, 2017
Alcoholism Treatment in Edmonton
People listen to the speeches regarding alcoholism, but many don’t really hear. But yet so many people are addicted to binge drinking or are full blown alcoholics.

Justine Klettke February 22, 2017
Dealing with White Spots on Your Teeth in Edmonton
There is so much knowledge out there about what is good and detrimental for teeth. And while some people make it a huge priority to avoid all the aggressors, the rest of the population lets things slide.

Justine Klettke February 14, 2017
How Social Media Affects the Health of Students in Ontario
My roommate's friend recently admitted this to her as she explained how social media affects her body image and self-esteem. This problematic comment had me wondering: How many young women feel this way while scrolling through their Instagram feed but are reluctant to reveal their insecurity?

Monique Zizzo February 08, 2017
Teens, and Mental Illness in Edmonton
I have just finished watching a documentary on an inpatient hospital for mentally ill teenagers. If I had been viewing this show fifteen years ago, back when I was a teen, I would have had a remarkably different attitude.

Justine Klettke February 07, 2017
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Medical Tests New Immigrants to Canada Should Be Aware Of
Haadi Hafeez
Moving to a new country can be a long and arduous ordeal; application processes, background checks, and medical tests...
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