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Myth vs Facts

The Importance of Sleep
We’ve all been in the situation where it’s getting late and it becomes exceedingly difficult to stay focused and keep our eyes open, but we want to stay up and finish just one more episode of our latest binge-watching session, or complete just one more important task, but alas our bodies refuse to allow us to stay conscious indefinitely requiring use to crawl into bed for some necessary shut-eye.

Haadi Hafeez February 24, 2017
Natural VS Conventional Medication
In an ideal world people would live long lives, never having to deal with illness or disease. We would eat naturally grown foods, drink the purest of water, and get plenty of exercise. There would be no need to see a doctor, as we would never get sick...

Haadi Hafeez February 02, 2017
Broken Heart Syndrome: A Real Medical Diagnosis
One of the most notable recurring events of the last year would have to be the number of celebrity deaths that 2016 had claimed, from David Bowie to Mohammed Ali, and most recently Carrie Fisher of Star Wars fame; 2016 goes down as one of the most celebrity death filled years in recent memory.

Haadi Hafeez January 24, 2017
Pumpkin Seeds: Why It's a Superfood ?
With Halloween just around the corner, pumpkins with toothy grins or snarling faces are appearing in more and more on the door steps of neighborhood houses. This year, if you’re planning on carving a pumpkin of your own, don’t let the heap of seeds sitting on your newspapered work area get swept up into the trash!

Christie Melhorn October 31, 2016
Physics Meets Medicine
I once saw a post that distinguished the complex fields of biology and physics, with a simple (and slightly comical) way. It goes like this: If it moves, it’s Biology and if it doesn’t work it’s Physics.

Zahra Abdi September 26, 2016
Double Digits: Is Body Mass Index Important?
Some conflicting information has been floating around about BMI (Body Mass Index). Some say it’s not important and just used by those who seek to fat- or skinny-shame individuals, yet doctors continue to use it flags in some healthcare assessments.

Terese Mason Pierre April 08, 2016
What Your Eyes Can Tell About Your Personality
Blondes have more fun; red heads have a temper. We’ve all heard them. Statements on how physical traits that we can’t change or control, tell other people about how we behave. Besides your hair and your smile there is actually one facial feature that is universally known to tell others a little something about you. Your eyes; the windows to your soul.

Jasmine Fong March 23, 2016
Stereotyping of Elderly Adults
If you were asked to choose one word to describe an “older adult”, what would your answer be? Are the first things that come to mind negative connotations like “frail” or “grouchy”? Are they positive stereotypes, like “wise” and “experienced”?

Monique Zizzo March 03, 2016
Alcohol vs Marijuana: Which is More Dangerous ?
After the media storm surrounding Trudeau's initiative on legalizing marijuana, it's a question that's on everyone's mind: is marijuana “better” or “worse” than alcohol? In contrast to alcohol, large doses of marijuana are extremely unlikely to kill you - there has never been a report of death caused solely by overdose on marijuana. When it comes to consistent long-term use, both alcohol and marijuana have the potential to be detrimental in different ways.

Monique Zizzo February 26, 2016
COLD-FX: Just a Placebo?
There is no documented evidence to attest the efficacy of COLD-FX. So, how is it that COLD-FX is the most widely sold natural cure for cold in Canada (according to Consumer Health Products of Canada) and boasts of brand ambassadors like Olympics Skiing Champion Alexandre Bilodeau?

Radha Subramaniam February 20, 2016
Why We Have Different Blood Types?
The origins of the human ABO blood type can possibly be traced back to 20 million years ago from a common ancestor of humans and primates, however the exact reason of the difference between blood types is still scientifically unclear. At the same time incompatibility of blood types is a side effect of evolution...

Zahra Abdi January 30, 2016
Are Those with BIGGER Brains SMARTER
If size had anything to do with it, I do know of a few big headed individuals that would execute better situational judgement. If larger brain size did result in higher intelligence, whales and elephants would already dominant the animal kingdom vs. coming to the brink of extinction as a result of whaling and poaching by human beings...

Yoshith Perera January 12, 2016
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I once saw a post that distinguished the complex fields of biology and physics, with a simple (and slightly comical)...
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