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Programs to Help you Quit Smoking in Hamilton
If you live in Hamilton, Ontario and are currently trying to quit smoking, there are several programs and medications that could make the process easier. While quitting smoking cold-turkey is possible, there is a much higher chance of relapse than quitting with the use of additional therapies.

Monique Zizzo October 31, 2016
Sleep Clinics in Hamilton
Beyond the vacation that some of us may take once or twice a year, there is one other escape from this unruly everyday constant. Sleep. However, for some people sleep comes with it, its own problems...

Jasmine Fong July 22, 2016
Diabetes Care and Where to Get Help in Hamilton
With the diabetes epidemic in Canada there are many supports that can be found in Hamilton alone. The Hamilton Health Sciences, The Hamilton Family Health Team (HFHT), and St. Joseph’s Healthcare are only three of the many services available.

Jasmine Fong June 09, 2016
The Well - LGBTQ Community Wellness Centre in Hamilton... What Is All About?
The LGBTQ+ community is one that has undergone lots of change. Although always present in society it’s voice hasn’t always been heard. Shame, doubt and rejection were some of the responses that these individuals received when they “came out”. In today’s communities, many of these negative beliefs have changed.

Jasmine Fong May 11, 2016
Youth Wellness and the Wellness Centre at St. Joseph's in Hamilton
There is no doubt that youth have an important role to play for each generation. It is throughout our youth that much of our values are cultivated and the beginnings of conversations regarding education and future are had.

Nayab Ahmad April 25, 2016
Birthmark Removal: Where to go in Hamilton?
If we all matched that singular definition of beauty? There are so many variations in our society today, from things such as culture right down to things that can be skin deep. No ones’ skin is exactly the same, some struggle with a break out while others struggle with acne. Sometimes there maybe something that has been there since birth. A birthmark.

Jasmine Fong March 29, 2016
Hair Loss Treatment in Hamilton
Losing your hair can be quite depressing, leaving self confidence in disarray and the sense of not being in control of your body. But I’m here to tell you YES! You do have control! You don’t have to be a slave to your genes!

Haadi Hafeez March 20, 2016
Montessori Schools in Hamilton
The Montessori model of teaching started out in Italy, by physician and educator Dr. Maria Montessori and has spread across the world even into Hamilton itself! The Montessori model of learning really differs from the traditional model. Mainly this is the amount of freedom and independence that the child receives.

Jasmine Fong March 16, 2016
Snoring Treatments in Hamilton
If you have never been kept awake by the sound of snoring, count yourself lucky! Or, perhaps you are the culprit keeping others awake! There are many possible causes of snoring: the shape of your airway, allergies, sickness, sleep position, or more serious conditions such as sleep apnea.

Shalana Switzer March 14, 2016
Getting an Abortion in Hamilton
Abortion is a polarizing topic; Prochoice or Prolife? This debate has raged on for decades. Is it wrong to ignore the rights of the mother? Is terminating a potential life immoral? This is a very sensitive issue indeed and many people still get squeamish when asked to voice their opinion, as there is no definitively right answer.

Haadi Hafeez March 13, 2016
Healthcare for Refugees in Hamilton
It was agreed upon that all Syrian refugees coming to Ontario will have access to full health coverage through interim federal health and the provincial government. Hamilton itself has received a portion of the 25,000 refugees...

Nayab Ahmad March 07, 2016
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