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Healthy Diets in Edmonton
Finding a healthy diet plan can be difficult. Many people succumb to fads that promise a rapid result if followed religiously. People can even have cheat days on them. But eating well consistently takes effort.

Justine Klettke March 27, 2017
Tinnitus Treatment in Edmonton
When someone is experiencing ringing in their ears, it can be a subtle yet pervasive annoyance. No one likes to sit down for some quiet time and hear noise...

Justine Klettke March 23, 2017
Treating Crohn’s Disease in Edmonton
Sometimes people have crippling stomach pain that renders them nearly motionless. This is Crohn’s Disease, a stomach disorder that leaves patients feeling rather disheartened about participating in life.

Justine Klettke March 18, 2017
Let’s Talk About Depression Treatment in Edmonton
It can be difficult for anyone to admit when they are slipping in life. In a performance orientated culture, people tend to view less productivity as attributed to personal laziness.

Justine Klettke March 06, 2017
Alcoholism Treatment in Edmonton
People listen to the speeches regarding alcoholism, but many don’t really hear. But yet so many people are addicted to binge drinking or are full blown alcoholics.

Justine Klettke February 22, 2017
Dealing with White Spots on Your Teeth in Edmonton
There is so much knowledge out there about what is good and detrimental for teeth. And while some people make it a huge priority to avoid all the aggressors, the rest of the population lets things slide.

Justine Klettke February 14, 2017
Teens, and Mental Illness in Edmonton
I have just finished watching a documentary on an inpatient hospital for mentally ill teenagers. If I had been viewing this show fifteen years ago, back when I was a teen, I would have had a remarkably different attitude.

Justine Klettke February 07, 2017
The Answers on Treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in Edmonton
We all have jobs to do in life, but sometimes our muscles are screaming “no!”, and we can’t ignore them. This happens in occupations such as hairstyling, writing, assembly work, and cleaning...

Justine Klettke January 30, 2017
Dry Eyes: Where to Get Help in Edmonton
When you wake up and you look like you’ve just been on a bender, it’s all in the eyes. You might ask yourself why your eyes are so red and veiny. You go through the checklist in your head, and you can’t think of a reason why your eyes should look so red and even hurt. You know what pink eye looks like, and this isn’t it.

Justine Klettke January 19, 2017
Treating Nail Fungus (Onychomycosis) on the Feet in Edmonton
It’s the holiday season, and everyone is getting beautiful pedicures with their chosen festive designs. Manicures and pedicures are not gender specific, as many men enjoy these services as much as females. However, one nail condition that does not discriminate is nail fungus.

Justine Klettke January 12, 2017
Cosmetic Dentistry in Edmonton
We smile every day, so most people associate smiling with simply expressing joy. Some people are blessed with a perfect set of teeth. For them, smiling is a pleasant sensation. Others, however, have grown up with chips, crooked alignment and discoloration...

Justine Klettke January 06, 2017
Where to Get Microdermabrasion in Edmonton
In my last blog, I talked about acne. What I want to emphasize is that acne is a skin disease. I grew up thinking it was sort of a curse, despite my mother stressing to me that it is a disease. I felt it was something I had to grow out of, except I never did.

Justine Klettke December 20, 2016
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