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Can I Improve My Vision? How Is It Possible and Where Can I Go in Toronto?
Improving of your eyesight can be not only through surgical intervention, correction contacts, or Lasik surgery, but by using natural methods. Systematic implementation of special exercises for the eyes requires the patience and effort over time, but it can bear fruitful results, and your vision can improve.

Vivian L. August 23, 2016
Melanoma or Skin Cancer: Where to Find Treatment in Toronto
Torontonians have been basking in the sunshine and enjoying warm temperatures and bright clear skies recently. This week is National Sun Awareness Week and while the Sun can act as a tonic and stimulate people's inherent love of the outdoors, it can also be toxic especially for our skin.

Radha Subramaniam June 24, 2016
Where to Get Tested for STDs in Toronto?
There are many sexual health clinics in Toronto that offer a range of services. Some even offer free check-ups. The procedure involves a physical examination and is followed by laboratory tests that might require blood, swabs or urine samples.

Radha Subramaniam June 14, 2016
Toronto Clinics for Transgender or Transitioning Individuals
Transgender people are among the most marginalized and discriminated minority groups in Canada and the United States. Luckily, in Toronto, there are a variety of health care clinics for those who wish to explore their gender identity and expression in a safe way.

Terese Mason Pierre June 08, 2016
Hypnosis Centres in Toronto
Hypnosis has psychological and physiological benefits that can be used as a tool to treat specific medical problems. There are several hypnosis clinics in Toronto that focus on helping clients overcome medical problems, and learning “self-hypnosis” methods can help you apply hypnosis techniques in your everyday life.

Monique Zizzo May 30, 2016
Toronto Running Clubs
Are you looking for new running groups and clubs to join? The Toronto Running Club, Buddy Run, and the Lululemon Run Crew located in downtown Toronto all offer free running programs and a great way to meet new people working toward fitness goals.

Monique Zizzo May 12, 2016
Clinical Research at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre
Doctors and Researchers at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, Toronto have been fighting a long battle with cancer for decades and coming up with new breakthroughs in cancer cure. The conventional choice for cancer care have always been radiation, chemotherapy or surgery till now, but the risks and side effects that follow these line of therapies can be enervating.

Radha Subramaniam May 07, 2016
Drug Rehab Centers in Toronto
The phrase “I’m addicted” has become vague and misleading today. Your friends tell you they are addicted to a certain television program, or addicted to a certain food for example, but thinking rationally you can surmise your peers are simply exaggerating expressing themselves through hyperbole.

Haadi Hafeez May 03, 2016
Where to Go in Toronto for DNA Testing
Getting your DNA analysis can reveal significant information. You can discover any genetic predispositions towards certain diseases, your ancestry, paternity or maternity, even your canine pet Fido’s genetic history! Many people get a DNA testing in order to try to prevent future health problems.

Vivian L. May 01, 2016
Where to Get STD Vaccination in Toronto
STDs are on the rise in Toronto including gonorrhea, which increased by 42% in the city since 2012. Some commentators believe that there is an huge increase in unprotected sex as a result of the booming online dating scene. For more protection, healthcare providers recommend that sexually active men and women get the HPV and HEP vaccine prior to any sexual activity.

Vivian L. April 16, 2016
Problem with Erection: Find Help in Toronto
As you stare into your lady’s eyes, and she stares back at you, she adds a mischievous smile leading you into the bedroom. Passionately kissing, you start peeling off each other’s clothes; you know you are on the same page. Yet looking down at your pants you feel your manhood somehow missed the memo.

Haadi Hafeez March 30, 2016
Red Cross Toronto: My Volunteering Experience
Living though an unavoidable disaster can be a stressful ordeal, whether due to a mass flooding or even a hurricane. Your house may be in ruins, all personal items lost, or even separated from loved ones.

Haadi Hafeez March 27, 2016
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