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Hypnosis Centres in Toronto

Monique Zizzo
Hypnosis has psychological and physiological benefits that can be used as a tool to treat specific medical problems [1]. There are several hypnosis clinics in Toronto that focus on helping clients overcome medical problems, and learning “self-hypnosis” methods can help you apply hypnosis techniques in your everyday life.

self-hypnosis Nature's Intentions is a naturopathic clinic that offers hypnotherapy programs that are tailored to each individual, where a specific issue is targeted and hypnosis is used to improve it. Their weight management program offers techniques that help reinforce positive eating behaviours and healthy long-term eating patterns. Smoking cessation is one of the most popular issues that hypnosis is used for, and Nature's Intentions offers a program that not only reduces withdraw symptoms, but also helps create a negative association with smoking on a deeply psychological level. The effects of chronic stress are overwhelmingly negative and lead to physiological ailments, but gaining control over its effects can vastly improve your quality of life. In Nature's Intentions stress management program, clients are even taught self-hypnosis techniques throughout their sessions that incorporate positive affirmations in order to reduce anxiety, depression, and stress.

Bloom Hypnosis is another Toronto-based institution that offers services to help with a wide range of concerns, from getting over an ex and moving onto a new relationship[2] to improving your financial situation[3]. Although it might be common for parents to use hypnosis, a unique service that Bloom offers is hypnosis for children! Nocturnal enuresis (bed wetting), ability to concentrate, and athletic performance are all examples of areas that can be improved with hypnosis. Obsessive or intrusive thoughts can take a negative toll on your mental health; this can include OCD or any pattern or negative thoughts that you find hard to get rid of - Bloom offers hypnosis in addition with other techniques for this specific problem with a 6-step process. Click here to view Bloom's “6 Keys to Breaking the Cycle of Obsessive Thinking and Gaining Control of Your Thoughts”.

Some of the unique services that Greater Toronto Hypnosis Centre offers are sleep improvement, pain management, and conquering your fears. Smoking cessation, weight loss programs, and stress management are offered here as well. Other programs can be created on an individual basis depending on the client's request, and a free 40-minute informative screening is included where the process of hypnosis is explained and an assessment takes place.

hypnosis Toronto Self Hypnosis Centre has a focus on teaching you how to create and maintain a positive state of subconscious mind. While your conscious mind is your awareness of the events and surroundings you are experiencing in the present moment, your subconscious mind is information that you can access but don't use all the time - recalling a memory is an example of this access. By engaging in positive self-induced hypnosis, you can change your pattern of subconscious thoughts.

Many people find that gaining control over their mental processes is the best way to overcome problems that are holding them back from a healthier lifestyle and greater sense of fulfillment, and hypnosis is an increasingly popular option for this. Click on any of the links listed throughout this article if you are interested in trying hypnosis yourself!
Monique Zizzo May 30, 2016

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