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Where to Get Tested for STDs in Calgary?
In the wise words of the 90’s rap stars Salt n Pepa, “let’s talk about sex baby”! However, let’s be even more blunt by talking about Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STI’s). With an active sex life comes the responsibility of ensuring you are aware of the health of your sexual partners and of yourself.

Christie Melhorn January 04, 2017
Hot Springs Near Calgary
To be classified as a hot spring, the temperature of the water must be considerably higher than the surrounding air temperature – this is usually around 100 degrees Fahrenheit. This promises that the water will blanket you with warmth against the brisk mountain air.

Christie Melhorn November 21, 2016
Workouts Outdoors in Nose Hill, Calgary
Nose Hill’s beautifully cascading landscape is carved with multiple pathways suitable for walking, running, and cycling. Many of the paths intersect, allowing you to make what you want out of your journey on the hill.

Christie Melhorn November 18, 2016
Benefits of Getting the Flu Shot, and Where to Get Vaccinated in Calgary
Nobody enjoys getting sick, and that goes double for getting the flu. While staying in bed all day may sound like bliss, when it is combined with severe muscle aches and a high fever, you’ll be asking yourself what you did to deserve such torment...

Haadi Hafeez November 09, 2016
Calgary’s Dash of Doom - Confront that Sense of Impending Doom in the Most Fun Way Possible!
The Dash of Doom is a family friendly event that is in support of Alberta’s Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS). You are encouraged to wear a costume and bring your furry family members along to temporarily haunt the Bow River pathways.

Christie Melhorn October 28, 2016
Slow Down and Sweat: Hot Yoga Classes in Calgary
The popularity boom of hot yoga a few years ago has since muffled. However, it has become a treasured and normal part of many Calgarian’s lives.

Christie Melhorn October 19, 2016
How to Help your Health in Confederation Park
As Confederation Park is the setting of many fond childhood memories, I may be a little biased about how amazing the park is. It’s where I first fell, fully clothed, into a body of water (for a three-year-old, a little stream seems like a lake!)...

Christie Melhorn October 12, 2016
West African Dance in Calgary
In an African dance class, the sound of the drum vibrates through the floor, electrifying your feet and causing your heart to pound in unison with it. I have had the privilege of taking West African dance classes for the last eight years in Calgary.

Christie Melhorn October 02, 2016
A Workout to Remember on the Memorial Stairs
While there is a subtle chill in the air, the weather is permitting of some excellent outdoor workouts that we can squeeze in before winter bombards us. One of the most beautiful spots in the city to pound out an effective and rewarding outdoor workout is at the Memorial Stairs by the Calgary Curling Club.

Christie Melhorn September 25, 2016
Having Problems with Erection? Find Treatment in Calgary
If we are so entranced by sex, why is it so difficult to seek help for sexual dysfunction when needed? It could be a social stigma or decades of sexual oppression spreading the fear of succumbing to ridicule if spoken freely, but fear not as speaking to a trained licensed professional, like your doctor you are protected by doctor/patient confidentiality.

Haadi Hafeez September 14, 2016
Naturopathy in Calgary: Healing Naturally
Alternative medicine has been gaining popularity immensely among patients as a substitute for conventional medicine. Conventional health care today has become synonymous with long waiting times, busy doctors who have little or no time to listen to your concerns, drugs with all kinds of side effects and last but not the least - the confines for treating chronic health conditions.

Radha Subramaniam September 13, 2016
Calgary's Trampoline Park
A friend said to me a few years ago, "if there was a bonkers for adults, I would be totally ripped". Thankfully, that fantasy became a reality in 2015 when the trampoline park Flying Squirrel was introduced to Calgary. With the opening of it's doors came an overwhelming sense of nostalgia and adventure as well as the prospect of working out while having a blast (or should I say, bounce?).

Christie Melhorn September 10, 2016
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