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Sexual Health at Western University
I am currently taking Western University's Human Sexuality course (Psychology 2075), and it has taught me a lot about the positive and negative implications of sex...

Monique Zizzo February 24, 2017
Fitness and Personal Training in London, Ontario
Whether you workout to maintain your weight, get more toned, or improve your physical fitness, it is an important component of your health and wellbeing. If you live in London or attend a college or University there, you have several rec centres and personal training locations to choose from to help you meet your goals.

Monique Zizzo November 17, 2016
Methods of Childbirth and Best Places for Delivery in London, Ontario
For many women, a comfortable birthing process entails being surrounded by close family members and a team of nurses and doctors as they lay on their backs in a hospital bed. While this is a perfectly safe and healthy method, there are many other ways to experience labour and delivery.

Monique Zizzo September 25, 2016
New Mental Health Crisis Clinic in London, Ontario
Mental health is that balance you establish within yourself, given your own psychological well-being and other external factors that may impact you, such as your social and economic milieu. Mental health has been receiving much more public attention recently as there is a greater number of Canadians experiencing mental health related problems.

Zahra Abdi March 25, 2016
Reiki Centres in London, Ontario
Reiki is a practice that can raise our life force energy and increase the efficiency of our immune system, in addition to a range of other physiological and mental health benefits. If you're looking for locations in London, Ontario to book a reiki session, check out these nearby institutions.

Monique Zizzo March 25, 2016
Hair Loss Treatment in London, Ontario
Michael Jordan, Bruce Willis and Homer Simpson, what do these three males have in common? Besides hitting it big in the 90s; becoming hugely famous, they are all bald. Balding or Alopecia is a generally accepted phenomenon that happens primarily to men as they age, but can affect women in certain circumstances...

Haadi Hafeez March 09, 2016
VON Canada: My Volunteer Experience in London, Ontario
Whether you're a student looking for a place to volunteer or the family member of an older adult who would benefit from at-home care, VON Canada offers a wide range of programs and services that could be useful to you. I've been volunteering in the friendly visitor position at the Middlesex-Elgin location in London Ontario since December, and my experience has been great so far.

Monique Zizzo March 04, 2016
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