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Hair Loss Treatment in London, Ontario

Haadi Hafeez
Michael Jordan, Bruce Willis and Homer Simpson, what do these three males have in common? Besides hitting it big in the 90s; becoming hugely famous, they are all bald. Balding or Alopecia is a generally accepted phenomenon that happens primarily to men as they age, but can affect women in certain circumstances. Being a male myself I also have that lingering fear in the back of my mind that maybe one day I will also be subject to this cruel fate; as my father is bald, and his father before him.

hair loss Androgenic Alopecia is by far the most commonly seen type of hair loss, and the type people are most familiar with. It accounts for approximately 95% of hair loss seen in men [1] and can be identified by a receding hairline and a thinning crown; becoming more noticeable once these two meet. This type of hair loss is primarily genetics based, with multiple genes contributed by both parents carrying the recessive gene [2]. As a result the culprit seems to be a hormone called Dihydrotestosterone or DHT, a very potent form of testosterone. DHT’s role is to promote facial and body hair growth, but in genetically prone individuals it will start to miniaturize hair follicles on the scalp eventually causing permanent hair follicle deterioration as men get older [3].

Women can also be affected by this type of hair loss but present with the majority of lost on the crown with intact frontal hair lines, and is mainly attributed to old age, as women experiencing menopause have decreased levels of estrogen.

There are numerous other causes of alopecia, but all pale in comparison to the one mentioned above. Trichotillomania occurs due to compulsive pulling of hairs leading to areas of baldness, usually confined to a few specific sites. Severe stress resulting from such circumstances as childbirth, major surgery or chemotherapy can be a trigger of a condition called Telogen Effluvium, which results in large amounts of hair to just shed away. Your body’s own immune system can cause hair loss, Alopecia Areata; an autoimmune disorder which can affect hair in spots, or even the entire body with its cause being still unknown [4].

comb There are couple of good resources in London for anyone experiencing any degree of hair loss, from minor thinning, to more aggressive balding. Their doors are open, and some offer a free consultation to help determine your best options.

The Cole Clinic
Dr. Cole is a cosmetic surgeon and he handles all facets cosmetic enhancement from hair loss to skin rejuvenation. He puts an emphasis on patient care, making sure individuals are well informed and educated while maintaining a high standard of excellence.

Total Hair restoration
Run by Dr. Gupta, a dermatologist who studied in UK and completed two residency programs: one at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto and the other at the University of Michigan in the United States. He would go on to open his own business specializing in surgical hair restoration in London, Ontario. Before starting a treatment, he offers a preliminary consultation to explore possible causes and provide options to fit your budget. Visit his website for more information.

Capilia (The London Hair Company)
Specializing in non-surgical hair loss treatments, Capilia clinics located all over Canada and the US, offer procedures such as hair extension, hair replacement to newer advancements in the field with laser hair therapy; a good option for anyone not willing to commit to surgery. The main office of the company is located in Quebec; however, you can visit them at London. If you would like to see what they are all about you can visit their YouTube channel.

If you suffer from hair loss or are completely bald already, it is understandable that you may have a poor self-image, but that is only one part of you. Think of all the achievements you have obtained until now, it was only you as a person that achieved those goals, and not just a single attribute. Learning to accept yourself for who you are and how you look is the best thing you can do for yourself, because at the end of the day loving yourself is all that matters, and the people around you will recognize that.
Haadi Hafeez March 09, 2016
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