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Naturopathy in Calgary: Healing Naturally

Radha Subramaniam
Alternative medicine has been gaining popularity immensely among patients as a substitute for conventional medicine. Conventional health care today has become synonymous with long waiting times, busy doctors who have little or no time to listen to your concerns, drugs with all kinds of side effects and last but not the least - the confines for treating chronic health conditions.

Most conventional medical practitioners argue and debate over the lack of scientific evidence and the inherent risks when it comes to backing alternative medicine. But amid the cacophony of this debate what comes out loud and clear is the transformation happening in health care: the growing focus on disease prevention, healthy lifestyle habits, natural and nontoxic therapies and Naturopathy is at the centre of this transformation.

naturopathic medicine In Alberta, Naturopaths were accorded medical professional status on par with physicians and dentists in 2012. They are regulated under the Health Practitioners Act and governed by the College of Naturopathic Doctors of Alberta. The strict regulations to get a license has ensured that only qualified and trained professionals are part of the system.

Some private Calgary clinics that specialize in Naturopathy are:


This is a clinic based in Calgary that follows the basic principle of identifying and fixing the root cause rather than the symptoms. Acupuncture, intravenous vitamin therapy, clinical nutrition and botanical medicine are a few lines of treatment they offer. The treatment focuses on stimulating the body’s ability to heal naturally by eliminating toxins and adopting a healthy lifestyle. For a detailed list of therapies and conditions treated visit their website.

Marda Loop Wellness Clinic

This is a top rated clinic in Calgary with diagnostic and treatment processes that are truly patient and health centric. They have a team of resourceful, responsive and fully trained doctors. They offer online appointments too. A combination of diet and lifestyle modification, botanical medicine, massage and detoxification treatments are used to stimulate natural healing.

naturopathy Nardella Clinic

This clinic has a team of leading naturopaths and is centrally located in Calgary. They offer individualized treatment plans that include: diet and lifestyle changes, herbs, nutritional supplementation, chiropractic manipulations, stress management strategies and counselling. They specialize in treatments for hormonal disorders, allergies, pain relief, chronic diseases, neurology and psychological issues like stress, insomnia and trauma. For more details, check out their website.

Cost vs Cure

The cost of treatment is based on the doctor’s experience and the average time spent for consultation. The cost for visits depends on the treatment methods chosen. The initial consultation is around $200 and usually includes a complete medical history, a physical exam, review of all prior laboratory tests, scans and reports. Some basic lab work like blood tests, saliva tests may be required in order to complete the assessment. There are separate charges for these. Subsequent visit charges range from $80-160.

Since it is not covered by the Alberta government, naturopathy can be expensive. Part of these expenses are covered by many employers extended health care/private insurance plans, so check with your provider to determine your coverage. The cost of natural food/vitamin supplements are usually not covered under drug reimbursement.

Naturopathy might seem like the answer to all your ailments but read reviews and make informed choices before you visit a clinic or register for a program. Attend a few counselling sessions to assess your needs. You could even try a combination of conventional and natural medicine. It is important to understand that this is not an either/or situation but a time for you to try and decide what works best for your body and you.
Radha Subramaniam September 13, 2016

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