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Dry Eyes: Where to Get Help in Edmonton

Justine Klettke
When you wake up and you look like you’ve just been on a bender, it’s all in the eyes. You might ask yourself why your eyes are so red and veiny. You go through the checklist in your head, and you can’t think of a reason why your eyes should look so red and even hurt. You know what pink eye looks like, and this isn’t it.

dry eye It sounds like you may have a cause of dry eyes, which can be a chronic condition. I learned this the hard way when I stayed away from university classes for an entire week and a half because my eyes were bothering me so much. You might ask why I didn’t just run to the optometrist right away. Well, because I wasn’t educated enough about what chronic dry eye really was. So I stayed home and put in random eye drops and put ice on my eyes. It kind of sounds like a comedy at this point, but I didn’t want to bother my optometrist, who probably had better things to do.

This line of thinking is faulty, because when your eyes are completely bloodshot and in pain, you don’t have to try to fix it yourself. There are many good optometrists in the Edmonton area that will diagnose what is ailing your eyes with precision.

FYI Doctors

This is a great chain of optometrists. The offices are always filled with attractive lenses and helpful staff. On their website, a patient can find a clinic that is conveniently located for them. They have offices in the south on Calgary Trail, West Edmonton Mall, Oliver Square, and at Urban Optik. Whatever the area of Edmonton, there is bound to be a skilled doctor from FYI close to your work or home.

By the way, chronic dry eye can be caused by multiple factors, including the oily layer of the tear film ceasing to be produced by the ducts as frequently as needed. The remedy requires replacing what is missing from the tear film. This will require a trained analysis of the eyes’ fluids. Then the doctor might prescribe drops, typically that can be administered only up to a maximum frequency per day.

But if a person is suffering until the appointment, do not use ice like I did. Instead, pour warm to hot water over cotton pads, fold in half, and then administer to the eyes for 5 minutes while lying down. This process can be repeated as needed throughout the day or in one sitting. A person can also buy natural tears without preservatives to moisten the eyes. dry eye scheme Dr. Ross McKenzie, an Edmonton optometrist, has a blog that features a great article on dry eye syndrome. He says that it is the number one problem that eye doctors in Edmonton encounter.

Dr. Ross McKenzie has three clinics in Edmonton and Sherwood Park which can be located on his website.

So there you have the four one one on chronic dry eyes. It is more common that you probably realized, but if you hadn’t heard about it before today, then don’t worry. Just make sure you take care of those eyes.
Justine Klettke January 19, 2017

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