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Laser Eye Surgery: Where to Go in Edmonton ?

Haadi Hafeez
Hey, four eyes! Goggle face! Nerd!” we visually challenged individuals have heard them all over our lifetimes. It’s a cheap jab for jerks to pick on individuals for having to wear a piece of head gear to accurately utilize one of life's most basic senses, the sense of sight. Although we weather the onslaught of insults towards wearing glasses, wearing them is utterly necessary for being able to view the world as it was intended, for if we didn’t have them, the world would be just a blurry mess.

glasses Wearing contact lenses have somewhat ameliorated some of the negativity towards being visually challenged , but comes with their own caveats, such as putting you at risk for eye infections, and even causing blindness in certain circumstances if not properly worn [1]. There is hope however to ditching your old pair of corrective lenses and comes in the form of laser eye surgery or LASIK (laser in situ keratomileusis) surgery. Under the care of a trained eye surgeon, it is now possible to be glasses free for the rest of your life. We'll look at details of the surgery itself and where you can go in Edmonton for this treatment.

Myopia and hyperopia; nearsighted and farsighted respectively can be quite annoying to deal with on a daily basis. Nearsightedness pertains to objects at a distance appearing out of focus, while objects near your eyes appear focused; the opposite being true for hyperopia. So myopic individuals have a hard time reading road signs, but reading a book is no problem, while hyperopic individuals struggle with doing the opposite.

refractive errors Astigmatism is another condition where close and far objects appear blurry or distorted regardless of the distance away from them. These conditions result from a misshaping of the eyeball, being too long with myopia, and too short with hyperopia [2]. Astigmatism, on the other hand, is a misshaping of the curvature of the cornea or lens of the eye [3]. When the eyeball, cornea, or lens is not in the correct uniform shape, light refraction on the back of the eye where images are processed becomes compromised, giving you an inaccurate or unclear image.

Laser eye surgery hopes to give individuals who are fed up wearing optical attachments providing them with clear, unobtrusive ocular vision.

Here are some highly recommend laser eye surgery clinics in Edmonton that can provide you with more information, and provide an initial free consultation to assess your candidacy for LASIK surgery.

Touting high quality and affordable laser vision correction, and having performed more procedures than any other laser correction facility in North America; they guarantee to offer the most affordable prices for LASIK eye surgery. With the philosophy of positive word of mouth and skilled surgeons LASIK MD has become one of Canada’s largest LASIK providers, maintaining the mantra that higher cost doesn’t always equal superior treatment. Their Edmonton clinic can be located at 10200 102 Ave, Suite S107, EDM City Center, AB. You can call them at 1-866-961-2020.

laser eye surgery Performing thousands of LASIK procedures on patients, the specialized surgeons at King LASIK have helped countless individuals achieve improved vision. With the state of the art, leading edge LASIK facilities they have gained a reputation of safety and experience, helping achieve the best results possible. Located on 10430 61st Ave NW, Suite 101, Edmonton, they are ready to serve you. You can call them at 1-844-676-3394.

Eye Q Premium Laser
Providing excellence in laser eye surgery, Dr. Joseph Leong-Sit and his trusted team of experienced surgeons have helped achieve exceptional vision correction results for thousands of patients. Utilizing the most advanced laser technology, and taking pride in unparalleled patient care, they are serious about their commitment to providing the best laser eye surgery care possible. Making no compromises when it comes to treatment, Eye Q Premium Laser strives to provide you with peace of mind concerning your eye health. Their clinic can be located at 10565 124th street, Edmonton. Phone number is 1-780-429-2015.

LASIK So you know where to go but what exactly do they do? This procedure is handled by a skilled eye surgeon who with the aid of a powerful laser and anesthetic creates a flap of cornea tissue attached by a hinge, exposing the underlying stroma. Now with the use of a highly precise excimer laser, ideal for delicate surgeries on biological material, remodeling of the corneal stroma can begin, reshaping it with the aid of computer guidance to help achieve close to 20/20 vision as possible.

Once the procedure is complete the flap is closed and over time reattaches itself without the need for stitches or adhesive. It is important to note that although the procedure may take only a few minutes, recovery may be lengthy, possibly taking months with the aid of antibacterial eye drops to prevent infection, and wearing eye guards to prevent damage. Also, activities such as swimming and hot tubs are strictly prohibited during the recovery process [4].

It’s important to take into consideration that laser eye surgery isn’t for everyone, as the procedure isn’t ideal for candidates that have suffered a gradual degradation of eyesight due to aging (presbyopia), other eye-related conditions, or have a very high level of refractive error. Even after getting the surgery your vision may still not be perfect, as LASIK surgery is still far from a miracle for poor eyesight as it may be advertised. If you happen to be considering a more permanent solution to correcting your vision, it is important to be informed about all aspects of the procedure and maintain realistic expectations.
Haadi Hafeez August 17, 2016

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Laser Eye Surgery: Where to Go in Edmonton ?
Haadi Hafeez
“Hey, four eyes! Goggle face! Nerd!” we visually challenged individuals have heard them all over our lifetimes. It’s a...