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Treating Nail Fungus (Onychomycosis) on the Feet in Edmonton

Justine Klettke
It’s the holiday season, and everyone is getting beautiful pedicures with their chosen festive designs. Manicures and pedicures are not gender specific, as many men enjoy these services as much as females.

toenail fungus However, one nail condition that does not discriminate is nail fungus. It results in an unsightly thickened nail with gunk growing underneath. No amount of polish and scrubbing can completely cover it up, and nor should a person want to. The condition can cause pain when walking even if hidden. The patient will have to take the polish off eventually to reveal a discolored toenail, and the toenail may even exude an odour.

Nail fungus is onychomycosis, a medical condition where the nail is infected. According to the Foot Institute in Edmonton, 5 to 10% of the population suffers from it [1]. The Foot Institute in Edmonton receives calls at their phone number (780) 44-3668. In fact, after reading this article, you might be their next caller. Because even though it’s easy to ignore silently in shame, nail fungus is treatable.

The Foot Institute in Edmonton

The Foot Institute in Edmonton uses laser therapy to remove the fungus under the nail. This treatment has been featured on the popular TV show “The Dr’s”, and their medical conclusion can be viewed at The Foot Institute’s website.

The Foot Institute will do a consultation to determine whether this procedure is right for the patient. Their office is located in the south end of Edmonton at 2308 96 Street NW Edmonton, AB, T6N 1J8. onychomycosis

Step Ahead Podiatry Clinics

This is another great place to visit in Edmonton. They also use laser therapy to help treat nail fungus. Their central booking line is (780) 460-0025. One great thing about these clinics is that they are located in four areas in and around Edmonton: West Edmonton, Windermere, Sherwood Park, and St. Albert.

It is honestly nice to hear about the advances in treatment for nail fungus. I remember in high school when I was a synchronized swimmer and on the school swim team. I was always worried about the condition of my feet due to using so many public pools so frequently. I visited a podiatrist who told be that I could take medication if I got foot fungus or apply a topical cream. However, these treatments were not necessarily proven to be that effective. It’s nice to have advances in modern science that can keep us looking and feeling our best. These feet clinics in Edmonton are to thank for fungus free pedicures.
Justine Klettke January 12, 2017

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