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Rola Dabbagh

Assessments include nutrition education, resources, sample meal plans, recipes and goal setting. Services include: - Weight management - Meal planning - Healthy nutrition tips - Athletic performance enhancement - Lipid and cholesterol management - Diabetes (Type 2) - Hypertension (High blood pressure) - Gastrointestinal disorders (E.g. Celiac disease, IBS)
About Me
I believe nutrition is an important aspect to a healthy lifestyle. From fuelling your everyday needs to enhancing your sports performance or managing health conditions, good nutrition can go a long way. I believe anyone can achieve their nutrition goals if they have the motivational support and knowledge needed to succeed. As a dietitian, this is where I come in to help.
Education and work experience
Private Consulting Business
Registered Dietitian 2015 - Now (Canada)
Managing an independent private consulting business for individuals requiring nutrition education and support for weight and chronic disease management.
University of Guelph
Masters of Applied Nutrition 2014 - 2015 (Canada)
Completed a combined Masters Internship program involving placements within various areas of dietetics including clinical care, primary care, inpatient and outpatient care, and population and public health settings.
Spoken Languages
  • Arabic
  • English
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