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Dr. Sukanthy Bream

CustomEyes is dedicated to the community in providing a lifetime of quality and affordable eye care with professionalism, friendliness, and compassion. At CustomEyes, patients are our prime focus. CustomEyes fosters a culture of medical care excellence through technological advancement.Highly qualified, experienced and skilled physicians, assistants, and trained ancillary staff deliver the required treatment and consultation with ultimate precision, success and patient satisfaction.
About Me
Dr. Sukanthy Bream graduated from the University of Waterloo's prestigious Optometry program in year of 2009. She holds an Honors Degree in Bachelor of Science in in Biochemistry & Genetic Engineering from McMaster University. She was in the Dean's Honors list in her undergraduate program and served as a Research Candidate with several scientists. She received extensive training in the treatment and management of ocular pathology, with emphasis on glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, cataracts and visual therapy. She is also dedicated to child visual developmental issues. In order to provide more specialty testing, she has now commenced her own private practice at Customeyes located at the intersection of Markham and McNicoll roads. This clinic is equipped with several of the latest and advanced technologies in eye care. Her unparalleled belief in early detection and prevention of eye diseases made her to incorporate various pre-screening equipment in her new practice to serve her patients. She promotes annual eye-exams for all ages, especially for the kids where early diagnosis could help cure or preserve their vision. She is an ambassador for "Eye See Eye Lear" program for kids. Dr. Bream is a dedicated member of the community, and delivers presentations throughout various senior homes, after school programs, and events promoting the importance of eye care awareness on a voluntary basis.
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