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Drug Rehab Centers in Ottawa

Haadi Hafeez
Individuals facing drug or alcohol addiction struggle everyday with an internal moral dilemma, do they change their habits and become more integrated in to the social fabric of society doing what the public deems appropriate? Or do they shut themselves away trying to escape the hardships of reality at the bottom of a bottle, or from a hit from a narcotic substance? Thousands of individual facing this struggle beat themselves up over thoughts such as these, trying to achieve a semblance of happiness.

drug free As I’ve written in a previous article on addiction, it can become a spiraling decent of denial and self-destruction. The addiction can make you a slave to a certain habit or substance, to the point where a chemical change happens in the brain, making you physically dependant; actively seeking out this form of self-gratification.

Cigarette smokers for example are compelled to have a smoke whenever they get a chance. With their morning coffee, after meals, during breaks at work; whenever an idle moment presents itself, they are quick to light up, and puff away. Granted smoking cigarettes is a more socially accepted practice compared to hard drugs; chain smokers experience the same symptoms of addiction becoming dependent on the addictive nature of nicotine, which provides them a sense of calm and relief for that brief moment. When they run out of cigarettes however, withdrawal sets in. Due to the consent use of the this substance, a chemical shift has developed in the pleasure centers of the brain [1], and once the stimulus is taken away for an extended period of time feelings of stress, agitation, and anxiety start affecting mood and behavior; awaiting that next fix of nicotine [2].

An addiction this strong can become overbearing for people, leaving them with a sense of hopelessness and accepting the false notion that this is just how their life is. Deep down addicts would discard theses bad habits, but they are often filled with regret and a negative outlook on life that they don’t seek help. Thankfully living in Ottawa there are many establishments with the sole purpose have helping addicts achieve sobriety and ultimately a happier life.

drug rehab Serenity House
A rehabilitation center tailored towards treatment for male addicts, Serenity House is dedicated to improving quality of life of substance abusers. Focusing on a more holistic style of treatment, they strive to promote a healthy integration of body, mind and spirt. Holding a firm belief that lasting life changes are possible for all, they have been helping individuals from all walks of life since 1969 by learning alongside others who have suffered similar challenges. Serenity House can be located on 103 Leopold’s Drive, Ottawa. Support line: 613-733-3574

Amethyst Women’s Addiction Center
On the flip side of the previously mentioned establishment, Amethyst Women’s Addiction Centers is focused and committed to working with diverse and marginalized groups of women. They believe that being a women facing addiction poses unique challenges not experienced by the opposite sex, such as position of women in society and forms of violence against women. Amethyst aspires to instill equality and justice for all women, changing unjust social structures that place women at risk of addiction. They can be located at 488 Wilbrod Street, Ottawa. Support line: 613-563-0363.

rehab Rideauwood’s Addiction & Family Services
With over 35 years of treatment experience, Rideauwood’s highly trained staff works hard to ensure that appropriate treatment is specifically tailored to the client’s needs. Helping adults and adolescents alike, they are well accustomed to the diverse issues that come with a client’s age. They believe in the benefit of working with a client’s whole family, helping addicts address their own problems effectively, healing the family dynamic and preventing the potential risk of future generations being afflicted by addiction. They can be located at 312 Parkdale Ave, Ottawa. Support line: 613-724-4881

Having the will power to overcome addiction on your own is an admirable feat but sometimes getting a helping hand is needed. There is no shame in seeking aid. The people at the places mentioned are some of the most compassionate and understanding individuals ready to help you achieve a higher standard of life that everyone deserves.
Haadi Hafeez May 20, 2016

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